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When it comes to designing, I like to be creative and try first to create the illusion so to speak (Virtual Prototype Design) that looks real (At least for me), and can be turned into useful interactive design later.
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Building a video site that's user-friendly and has the ability to be profitable requires discipline, patient, seeing it as a user and testing it to see what works and doesn't. Also personal touch of designer plays a big role on how the site going to look which depends on his Imagination and creativity.

Table of Contents
Video Player Designs
User Channel Layout Designs
The ultimate goal of this site is to help me design and build a unique video site that's not only look beautiful and cool but also functional without any bugs and has the ability to be profitable for both site's admin and premium users.
I like making creative drawings and music mixes from time to time and coming up with new unique designs for websites I'm working on.
In the end, the difficult part is making a decision which designs to keep and which ones to get rid of.

Website designs for Webcast7.com
Except for the sole use of the intended recipient (webcast7.com),you may not copy, or use the designs or layouts shown on this web site for personal use or commercial purposes.
The designs and layouts shown for webcast7.com are for reference only and should be considered illustrative and do not reflect the end design of the product.